Teaching the Young

The longer we are away from our homeland the more we lose our culture. These days less women know how to weave.


In Karen we call this flower Thei Kah Paw. It is used in our delicious food. It has a bitter taste and grows beside the field.

Wedding Invitation

Here you can see Karen and English writing. We use English because it is an international language.

Anglo Karen Dictionary

Everyone has a Karen-English dictionary. In Karen State we speak Karen and Burmese. In Thailand first we learn English and then Thai.


Occasionally Thai merchants come to the camp to sell us inexpensive clothes.


People living in Mae La camp come from different religious backgrounds. We have many Christian churches, Buddhist temples and Muslim mosques.


In Burma Buddhism is treated as the state religion. In the refugee camp everyone has religious freedom.


Some refugee Buddhist monks live in this monastery in the northern part of the camp.

Clay Jars

Water-filled jars like this are all over the camp. Anyone can stop for a drink.

Gathering Water

He will fill all those jugs with water.